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Satisficing at the Start

July 13, 2020

On one hand, I have the urge to resist defining what I’m about in a narrow, constrictive way. I want to build an open workshop where I can leave my tools and unfinished ideas around and my friends and colleagues can drop by and make comments. On the other hand, there’s the need to put on a bit of a show, and people like shows to have some organization. The bright, clean showroom fronts the sweaty, noisy factory. The salesman wears a freshly dry-cleaned blazer and has his pitch practiced at least a few times.

But, even designing a simple website to house an about page, a portfolio, and a blog, will require a bit of thought, time, and probably a few iterations. I cannot let the vague idea that some much better design should and can exist prevent me from beginning.

So, I am satisficing at the start. I don’t remember precisely what satisficing means, but I’m quite sure that when I look up the definition (and I will, soon), its meaning will be close enough that I don’t have to rewrite this blog post. I can satisfy my more demanding self, by putting a to-do item right here in the middle of the blog post.

So, I want to congratulate myself on this first act of satisficing.

Later, when I have looked up satificing, I might put it in a list of useful words. This reminds me of a few other things I need to do.

Satisficing in the useful-words collection

This last item isn’t really a proper to-do list item. It more of a prompt to take the next step.

And there will be lots more steps. But it is good to get started.

Hello World!