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A Call for Transpartisan Dialogue

Here is the link to my 10-minute YouTube video: "Let's Talk It Out!"

This is what I wrote on facebook:

"The recent political developments have pushed anxiety levels to unbelievable negativity levels. Before large-scale violence breaks out, we need to start working on how to get out of our political reality tunnels, and start actually talking to each other again. Respect disagreement, learn why people believe what they do, and practice rational dialogues about what is true and real."

I think I will be writing more about how to facilitate getting people onto the same page through personal efforts, to learn transpartisan practices to talk with neighbors and people who have different political points-of-view, local institutions, such as community-run *print* newspapers, which of course may have to be non-profit efforts. The reality tunnels created by Big Tech social media platforms are hurting Americans by locking them into their own personal mishegosh and teaching them to be more intolerant than they would otherwise be. I personally have seen myself blow up at people on facebook over very little, and I have tried to work really hard to stick to the facts, and to understand where people are coming from. I have a personal rule about no political sloganizing on my facebook wall. Slogans are not rational arguments.

Further, the transpartisan discipline needs to be emphasized. Please consider also watching this 40 minute interview I did with Michael Ostrolenk at Free Liberal. Here is the link: "Citizenship and Self-governance in the 21st Century". On a personal note, I've really enjoyed talking to Michael for over 15 years about these issues. You can learn more about his work here.

I also recommend watching this Trusted Knower interview with Michael Strong, author of The Habit of Thought. Interview with Michael Strong

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